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The need to consult consumers on the innumerable issues surrounding the purchasing process of many products has led to the advent of Consumer Panels. These are made up of a sample of households who are then consulted personally, by phone or by mail.

Following requests from a number of our customers, we at CIES have set up a consumer panel of 500 households (1600 individuals).
By their age, professions and social status these households are representative of the Spanish census as a whole.This panel is aimed at firms that deal in food, cleaning and hygiene and general household consumer products and who may at any time wish to test a product or an advertisement, or find out more about their image or how well known they are among consumers, etc. and who cannot afford to use conventional panels.

With our Panel we do not intend to replace more costly surveys based on large samples and with a high level of statistical reliability, but rather to use our awareness of the day-to-day problems facing many companies, in order to provide a tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis that will guide them in the decisions they have to make.


What does our Consumer Panel enable us to do?


Household purchasing habits:
To investigate household purchasing and consumer habits in general and in relation to a particular product.
Product testing:
Distribution of a new product with a view to assessing its acceptability.
Price testing:
Distribution of a new product with a view to finding out how much consumers would be willing to pay for it.
Sensory features:
The product is given to consumers to try either alone or alongside other rival brands. It is possible in this way to test packaging features, such as colours, shape, logo, etc.
Motivational survey:
Attitudes and opinions surrounding a product. Features to be developed or played down in promotional campaigns.
Advertising pre-test:
Show slogans and campaign before they are launched. Graphic, audio or video presentations are possible.
Promotion pre-test:
To test proposed ideas and ways of promoting the product to assess how well they will work among consumers.
Advertising post-test:
To assess awareness among consumers of an advertising campaign or message.
Brand or product notoriety:
To assess consumer awareness of a brand or product before and after it is ched on the market.
Retail Audit:
The housewife or member of the household responsible for the shopping is accompanied to their usual retail outlet.

Each of the various techniques uses a specific type of questionnaire which ensures the accuracy of our analysis.

Samples are taken in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Seville and Bilbao, providing 100 interviews per city (a total of 500 households).

It is possible to use the whole sample or simply those areas that the client considers to be of interest for the product.
This is not an attempt to replace large sample studies with a high level of statistical reliability, but to obtain an affordable analysis to help our customers in making a specific decision.
When a panel of households in used by various companies at once (as long as their products do not compete with one another), it is possible to achieve greater cost-effectiveness, thus bringing market research within the reach of small and medium sized enterprises.

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