Year 2013

In March 2013, The Research Alliance celebrate their "Journeys about Cualitative Survey", in PARIS (France)

June 2013, Presentation 30 Aniversary Dossier (1984-2013) The Evolution of Media Audience Surveys in the Autonomous Communities of Euskadi and Navarra.

In september was celebrated the The Research Alliance's Annual Meeting in Madrid. This issue was marked by 20 Years from Foundation of TRA in Paris.

Cies was one of founding institutes. Practically all of actual members was presents; and all partners met almost taking out the sharing of new techniques and enjoyed of the stay in Madrid with various cultural events.

Mexico TRA
Year 2014


In February 2014, the annual meeting on media measurements performed by AEDEMO recent advances in measurement technologies aimed particularly on TV media.

March 2014 Paris: the TRA's meeting on qualitative techniques has taken place, specifically on "story telling" .

In April 2014 is scheduled in Buenos Aires, the Latin American Market Research Congress in which TRA may be present.

In September 2014, 21 Meeting of The Research Alliance in Poland.


In Venice, in November 2014 ESOMAR annual meeting will take place on qualitative research.

Year 2015

February 2015, AEDEMO's Media Survey Congress

In May 2015, in the Mobile Media Conference held in Madrid, CIES presented a paper on "Prospects for audience measurement for Smartphones.

During 10th and 11th September 2015, was the Annual Meeting of The Research Allliance in Istanbul, Turkey. In the meeting were presented the members of the following countries: Brazil, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States of America.
Internal issues of TRA were discussed, for example: financial issues and intra-members spend ( 1,5 millions US$), update website and its positioning, and the idea of launching a new survey about topical issues in all countries.
Furthermore, there was a tour to Eksen´s Sensory Lab in Istanbul.
Some presentations during the meeting:
- Affinity Index in the purchasing process. Luisa Albéniz. Cies. Spain

- Research market via Smartphones. Michael Blum. Opinion. Germany
- Introduction of Indonesian market. Nelly Lakoe. Research Pacific Indonesia. Indonesia
- Passive Metering. Anna Herron. Marketing Sciences. United Kingdom


27 to 30 September 2015, 68th Congress ESOMAR. Dublín


Year 2016


September 2016, the Annual Meeting of The Research Alliance in Nuremberg, Germany.

In the meeting will be presented the results of the “Global Trend Survey” conducted in 21 countries, with the participation of CIES.

From18 to 21 September, ESOMAR Congress 2016. New Orleans.



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